Shooting Masterclasses

Are you a clay shooter who wants to improve your game? We have a fantastic opportunity available for you in the form of Masterclasses with World Cup Fitasc Sporting Winner and Double European Champion Duane Morley.

The Masterclass

Comprising of 3 hours, your masterclass combines both classroom work and shooting instruction with Duane. All Masterclasses are tailored to suit the individuals and designed to give you a greater knowledge to enjoy the sport and progress you to the next level. For the more experienced shooter, you’ll be using latest technology Shotcam video to analyse your technique and discover ways to improve your scores.

A Masterclass session is £100 per shooter, based on 4 shooting.

You can shoot with your friends, book in with other individual shooters via us or pay the full £400 and enjoy it as a 121 experience.

Dates and times can be arranged to suit you.

All shooters catered for, from inexperienced beginners to experienced competitors aiming to reach the top. 

To find out more and discuss your Masterclass please complete the form below.

Duane Morley

  • World Cup Fitasc Sporting Winner
  • Double Euopean Champion
  • Great Britain team member for 10 years
  • Duane is a very experienced shooter with 35+ years experience.

To find out more please contact us.