Safety Regulations

1. Guns must be unloaded at all times anywhere within Mid Norfolk Shooting Ground, unless within a dedicated shooting stand or firing point and only in preparation for engaging targets.

2. Guns must be unloaded of live or empty cartridges prior to exiting a shooting stand or firing point.

3. Guns are to be carried between stands or anywhere within the Mid Norfolk Shooting Ground either within a gun slip or broken. If a semi auto is carried not in a gun slip then it must be breach open carried in an upright position and displaying a breech safety flag.

4. No dry firing or gun mounting behind the shooting stands or firing points is allowed.

5. We strongly recommend the wearing of hearing and eye protection for any person within the confines of the shooting area or ranges. We also advise wearing a cap or hat.

6.The maximum allowable load for use on Mid Norfolk Shooting Ground ranges is 28g/1oz and of no greater shot size than 7½. Game loads are not allowed

7. Always remain within the roped areas and pathways or the confines of the dedicated shooting stands or firing points.

8. No alcohol may be consumed before or during shooting. It is at the discretion of Mid Norfolk Shooting Ground to refuse access or usage of our facilities to anyone if it is felt that an individual is impaired through either alcohol or other substances.